Why so serious?

so I was thinking a while ago. Life is never predictable. You can probably go as far as tactics is concerned like if there is physics and math somewhere or like improving a skill like playing the guitar or self defense. But other than that, never. you can study all day and night and still fail. You can party all week and not even review and still perfect the exam.

I think my point is, always do your best in the sense that you give it all you’ve got. But don’t take it too seriously that you can’t smile anymore because of all the stress and pressure. Kinda contradicting but I think that is the gist of it.

Go Hard or Go Home

‘Go Hard or Go Home’ is a very intense philosophy. But sometimes when everything rides on that one thing that you need to do, regardless of how important or not important, or hard or easy, or regardless of your pride, self respect, or personal comfort. If it must be done, then it will be.

In hindsight, it reminds me a lot of an advise I got from some guy some time ago “Do ordinary things extraordinarily well”