Small Progress is Still Progress

I’ve made some updates on where I am with the Raspberry Pi project. Decided I would try some Twitter text mining application. It’s been so long since I last did Twitter mining using it’s api so I had to review a lot of stuff.

alt text

Since I also moved my development platform to the Pi, I had to do some changes in how I move images (essentially just mapped a network drive using Samba).

My next step is to do some more testing with Twitter. Right now my top of mind idea is to extract top topics being talked in the Philippines by mining Filipino related Twitter ids. Let’s see if it makes any sense at all.

In other news, I’ve also started playing Apex Legends. It’s a Battle Royale game similar to PUBG which is all the rage these days in the gaming community (even Tetris has one, which is for some reason is REALLY GOOD).

alt text


Raspberry Pi

Sometime ago I bought a raspberry pi to try out some ideas. This is actually a really good product for the engineer hobbyist to try out and experiment.

Finally found the time to try again. I’ll probably create a list of the things I want to do. For now, feel free to visit the project site Raspberry Pi Server.

What I just did it slap an apache web server on top of a raspbian installation. I’ll probably post a how-to guide later and maybe a design and my thought process on it. For now I’m just happy that it works.



Polishing Mode

I spent around 2 hours today just polishing the layout and setup of this blog. I think there’s still a long way off before I’m more or less satisfied by its features but as of today:

  • links are better (sidebar) using [Fontawesome] (
  • Was able to implement topic tagging ( with the help of this guy )
  • I think I’m starting to have a better workflow in development and deployment to GitHub Pages

In other news I also spent sometime playing some PUBG just to relax a bit.

alt text


New Theme

Today I was able to setup a new theme. It took me a bit of exploring before I finally got how to use Jekyll.

The theme I got is Hyde which is simple enough for me to use and configure for now.

I’m going to spend the next few days configuring this to my specifications before I do anything more on content creation.


Welcome Stranger

I’m currently migrating from my old host so please stand by. I mean I think it’s like a natural law of nature that every so often IT guys will rethink their architecture / tech stack and do a “migration”.

I’ll talk about my decision, design, and process of migrating later on here. Once I figure out how everything works.

New tech stack:

  • CMS: Github Pages + Markdown
  • Theme: Jekyll
  • Hosting: Github Pages
  • Domain: NearlyFreeSpeech

Things to add:

  • Blog
  • Links
  • Projects
  • Todo
  • Theme
  • Some detailed copyright