Polishing Mode

I spent around 2 hours today just polishing the layout and setup of this blog. I think there’s still a long way off before I’m more or less satisfied by its features but as of today:

  • links are better (sidebar) using [Fontawesome] (fontawesome.com)
  • Was able to implement topic tagging ( with the help of this guy )
  • I think I’m starting to have a better workflow in development and deployment to GitHub Pages

In other news I also spent sometime playing some PUBG just to relax a bit.

alt text


New Theme

Today I was able to setup a new theme. It took me a bit of exploring before I finally got how to use Jekyll.

The theme I got is Hyde which is simple enough for me to use and configure for now.

I’m going to spend the next few days configuring this to my specifications before I do anything more on content creation.


Welcome Stranger

I’m currently migrating from my old host so please stand by. I mean I think it’s like a natural law of nature that every so often IT guys will rethink their architecture / tech stack and do a “migration”.

I’ll talk about my decision, design, and process of migrating later on here. Once I figure out how everything works.

New tech stack:

  • CMS: Github Pages + Markdown
  • Theme: Jekyll
  • Hosting: Github Pages
  • Domain: NearlyFreeSpeech

Things to add:

  • Blog
  • Links
  • Projects
  • Todo
  • Theme
  • Some detailed copyright